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Hiring an Intervention Specialist?

"What can an Intervention Specialist do that I can't do?"

Countless Families have performed their own interventions without hiring a professional intervention specialist.
You can too. So why do families hire someone to help them?

1. We (an intervention specialist) can bring the situation to closure, usually within a weeks time.
2. We add a sense of (realness) to the situation. A stranger, a professional stranger is involved now.
3. We have the bases covered. If you hire the right intervention specialist, you should have a seamless meeting that results in your loved one saying "yes I will go today".
4.We have advise about the centers that you are looking at sending your loved one to. The center must line up well with your loved one to allow for the best chance for permanent healing to begin.
5. Our experience prepares us for every objection and the response needed.
6. Being the outsider in the family, we make perfect mediators. We make sure that the entire family stays on task.
7. We take over when you are exhausted. Many families are completely exhausted by the time they call us. If you call a reputable Intervention Specialist, they should only need a list of the people that you are thinking of involving along with their phone numbers. They (We, the intervention specialist) will do the rest.
8. My success rate is 94%.
9. We get your family and friends to participate when you may not be able to.
10. When done properly, your intervention specialist will prepare you for one of the most loving and memorable moments of your life.

If you are ready this...IT IS TIME TO TAKE ACTION!!!
It costs nothing for us to talk.
Tell me about your family. I will give you all the free advise in the world. It's time to stop talking and start acting.
It only takes one person to call. I will help you organize the family.

Call me right now!


My name is Scott. I can help!

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